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She believes in teaching Reiki in its traditional way and not in a commercial way.

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Moreover, she draws personal satisfaction, when her students assimilate the essentials of Reiki healing. Most of her students, make Reiki a way of their lives. Meditation classes at her centre, are customised to the needs of the students in the group.

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Her numerology reports not only will be your life map but also your soul map. Furthermore, She counsels her clients. She also, suggests them simple remedies to solve their problems.

Pandit Rajinder Sharma

An astrology consultation with Geeta, will give you an in-depth analysis of your situations. You will be thus, well aware of your challenges and turning points in your life. Her focus is always to bring the maximum benefit to her client with simple inexpensive remedies.

She is very confident about her predictions and solutions. She helps in overcoming negative blocks created in life because of Vastu Dosha.

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Essentially, her Vastu practise involves Kundli Vastu or Astro vastu. Instead of blindly following a variety of different diets, medicines and programs, this one system is all that is required to look great. Consider this a Holy Grail when it comes to lose weight easily. This is like a dream come true — shedding of those layers of fat packed on the belly without having to workout rigorously or follow any strict diet.

It is a miracle guide which is a must have. MyDrive Connect is user-friendly interface and it comes with intuitive controls, so you can use it without any big effort.

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